PK Creative Images is all about client satisfaction, on this page we have put together questions and answers which can assist you in making informed decision when hiring us.

Are you an accredited professional wedding photographer?
Yes absolutely, we are proudly accredited by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) (largest professional photography association in the world) because we take our profession very seriously, unlike unprofessional photographers, we adhere to the code of ethics and strict standards set by our industry association. We want you to be fully assured that your wedding photographs will be as special as your wedding day.

What cities and areas do you service?
We service Perth and most of regional western Australia, and we are also able to travel to other locations throughout Australia, in fact, we even travel overseas to photograph weddings. Basically, wherever you need us to be to take your wedding photographs, we are certain that we can cater for your requirements.

What will you be wearing on the day?
We always wear smart clothing as professional photographers, however, we also understand that at times, cultural clothing is very important for our clients, that is why we are flexible as we respect our clients cultural dress codes.

Do we receive high-resolution photos from our wedding?
Yes, with all our packages you will receive edited high-resolution photos on DVD or USB. You will be able to copy or print them up to around 10×15 inches (this is usually adequate for most images) however, any image size requirements will be met as we can professionally edit, retouch and enlarge images according to your wants and needs.

We only require a few hours of photography, do you have any packages to cater for us?
We do understand that at times, our clients want to hire us for small projects, currently you can hire us minimum of three hours.

Generally for all wedding photography services, we encourage our clients to hire us for a full day, because this ensures no time restrictions since your wedding day is about creating timeless memories, and there is nothing more counterproductive than having limited time with the photographer who is capturing those memories.

A full day wedding package means the photographers will be on hand as you get dressed, throughout the ceremony, and well into the reception before finishing at 10pm. This ensures that your day is well documented and that we have plenty of time to create those beautiful images that are so important to you.

When can we expect our photos?
It usually takes two to three weeks to deliver your fully edited images

How many photos will you take? Do you have any limit?
We do not have any limits on how many photographs we will take. We will work very hard to get as many stunning images as possible to tell the story of your wedding day.

I’m ready to book you for my wedding. How do I do that?
Arranging a booking is an easy process, simply call or contact us and will be more than happy to detail the whole process of you hiring us

We like your candid style, but can we get some posed photos too?
Absolutely. This is why you hire a skilled professional wedding photographer in the first place. A good wedding photographer is able to get candid shots and also pose people to achieve natural-looking and flattering results. Most people do not know what to do in front of the camera, and a big part of a wedding photographer’s job is to ensure a fun and relaxed atmosphere while gently guiding people to get the best images capturing their emotions. This is much easier said than done, but you do not have to worry about that – you just need to be yourself and enjoy the day.

Do you offer mid-week pricing?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount on packages for mid-week weddings (Monday-Thursday). Simply contact us for more details for mid-week special pricing.

How many wedding photographers will be covering our wedding?
We always offer at least two photographers for weddings that will run for longer than four hours. Having two wedding photographers is a big advantage, furthermore, combined power of two sets of eyes coupled with latest technology high resolution cameras can make sure nothing is missed on your special day.

Can you stay for the entire day and for the reception?
Yes, as we focus on full day coverage for weddings we do not want you to cut corners on photography time, because we don’t want to limit the results we are capable of delivering.

How far in advance do we need to book?
We are always busy working hard for our clients and we would like our new clients to book in as early as possible to avoid disappointment because someone else has hired us for your special day. Because of our quality work and our past clients recommending us to their family and friends, at times, we are booked two years ahead. We encourage all inquiries to be made early, simply contact us to arrange a booking.

Do I get copyright of my wedding images?
All of our packages come with high-resolution images for printing, and a shared copyright with PK Creative Images. It simply means that you have the rights to use your images in any way you like, and PK Creative Images has the rights to use all of the images for promotional material, advertising and display.

How do we know how much time to allocate for the wedding photographer on the day?
This is not an easy question to answer. Generally, the more time we have, the more chances we have for capturing superb images, and the more relaxed the day will be for you. We like to spend a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours with you as you get ready, and we need to leave for the wedding venue around 30 minutes before you do (depending on the location). It is important that your makeup and hair is done before we arrive.

The most time needs to be allocated for the ceremony, followed by the formal wedding photo session. Ceremonies rarely finish at the planned time. After your wedding service, you will then most likely have many people congratulating you, which normally takes considerable time. It can take up to 45 minutes in our experience, depending on how many guests you have.

After the ceremony, we will take your formal wedding photographs. We will ask you to supply us with a list of family groups for the formal photographs on the day. Each different group shot will take on average five minutes. Please be aware that this could easily stretch to a 45-minute shoot.

Once we are done with formal photographs, we will be ready for the creative location shots. We require as much time as we can have for this part of your wedding, with a bare minimum of an hour per location. In order to create the signature images you have hired us for, we need relaxed quality time with you. Please be sure to allocate enough time to this part of the wedding, as during this time we will create most of images that will eventually hang on your walls and be in your album. Another important consideration is the time, whether it is morning, afternoon, or sunset, as this will greatly affect the look of your images.