Wedding at the Matilda Bay – Karen and Will

Text is coming soon. A beautiful bride is holding her hair and looking away. Wedding photographed at Crown Hotel in Perth. The bride in the beautiful wedding gown is looking outside the window. Image shows back of the dress. Wedding photographed at Crown Hotel in Perth. Bridesmaid is putting the necklace one the bride at the Crown Hotel Perth A bride is adjusting the veil. Wedding photographed at Crown Hotel in Perth. The groom has crossed hands and is looking to the side. Crown Hotel Perth Portrait of a groom adjusting cufflinks Portrait of a groom buttoning a jacket. Crown Hotel Perth A distant view at the wedding ceremony at The Matilda bay. A bride and groom is leaving the wedding ceremony at The Matilda bay Portrait of a just married couple sitting under amazing tree located in the Kings Park in Perth. group photograph of bridal party under large tree in the Kings Park Bridal party is resting in The Botanical cafe during the intensive wedding day. A fun picture of everyone sleeping on the table. Botanical cafe Kings park Perth Groom and bride are sleeping onto park benches next to each other in Kings Park Just married couple kisses under cover of the brides veil at The Matilda bay Groom kisses the bride on the temple. A groom is holding a bride. Together looking away from under the Narrows bridge in Perth Bridal party is looking at the Perth panorama of the city from Kings Park terrace Couple is walking through the sparkle tunnel created by the wedding guests
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