Belinda and Jay – the Vines Resort wedding

Belinda and Jay - The Vines Resort Wedding in Swan Valley

What a day! There is no better way to start a wedding day than with a Star Wars duel, the force was with us. The groom and groomsman decided to equip themselves with lightsabers just in case someone would oppose Jay and Belinda’s marriage. They had them ready at their belts for anyone who steps out of the line, especially for annoying flies.  We photographed them with caution pre-ceremony, when they were testing each others' skills in some of the dimly lit corridors of the Novotel Vines Resort.

We managed to escape unhurt and we were able to continue our photography quest for the rest of Vines Resort wedding in the Swan Valley. Our next stop was the bride preparation. The girls were completely unaware of the Stars Wars drama that had taken place nearby. Just like that, we found ourselves in a peaceful but bubbly environment photographing the rings, dress, shoes and of course the bride, bridesmaid and the bride’s parents.

Fortunately, there was a ceasefire for the ceremony and for the rest of the day for that matter. I suspect that the boys met with the real force in the universe, when beautiful Belinda made her way down the aisle. Yes, you've probably heard of the wife power. The wife does not even have to lift her arm in order to exert her will. The wife can do what even Yoda cannot. She can manipulate the force just by giving a stern look.

The ceremony was held at a brand-new chapel specially built for the Vines Resort weddings. Belinda and Jay must have been one of the first couples married there.  The Chapel makes a great place for ceremonies as it is open on three sides and it is very wide, thus, shielding every one present from the sun or rain.

After a stunning ceremony, we drove around The Vines Resort Golf Course in a speedy buggy to the great delight of golf players, as not often do they have such a high scoring moving target to aim for.  Would have been a good idea to pack helmets and body armour. Never the less, The Vines Resort is a great place to capture creative wedding images. Just do not get in firing range of competing golf players, because even a lightsaber won't help you.

The wedding reception was also held at Novotel Vines Resort. Everything went to plan; moving speeches brought tears, yummy food and plenty of dancing was a recipe for a moving and fun filled reception. As it was a great and memorable day for us.  Thank you Belinda and Jay for letting us be a part of your Vines Resort wedding.

Australian wedding rings. Aboriginal art The groom and grooms man fighting using lightsabers at the Vines Resort wedding in Swan Valley. The groom and grooms man fighting using lightsabers in corridors of the Novotel Vines Resort.Wedding cake with a detailed tee like decoration at the Novotel Vine ResortThe bride and groom are catting a cake with Lightsaber at the Novotel Vine Resort. A groom kisses a bride in a neck in an alley of grape vines at the Vines Resort wedding. A groom holds a bride up in an alley of grape vines at the Vines Resort wedding. Bride and Groom stand at the Vines Resort Golf course. They are holding each other and are about to kiss. Bride and Groom have a romantic walk next to a pond at the Vines Resort wedding. Bride whispers to the groom's ear while embracing each other at the Vines Resort wedding. Bride and Groom have a romantic walk next to a magic tree at the Vines Resort wedding. The bride is standing in a doorway showing of back of her dress at the Vines Resort wedding A bridesmaid is adjusting a brides dress at the Novotel Vines Resort in Swan Valley. The new chapel at the Novotel Vine Resort in Swan Valley.
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