Rain on Your Wedding Day Is Good Luck – Aaron and Darryn wedding

Many say that a rain on your wedding day is good luck in the future. I am sure that this applies to Aaron and Darryn’s wedding even when they had half of the day sunny and half-rainy.  They must have been blessed with plenty of good luck even before the wedding as they announced at the wedding reception that they expecting a baby. They did this in highly entreating way.  Towards the end of the speeches, they ask both parents to come up to receive a present. A large box was brought in to the centre of dancing stage.  Suddenly both mothers started pushing each other to get to the box firs.  It looked serious but hilarious at the same time. To everyone relive they were just fooling around. I was tricked as for the moment I thought that I am witnessing a real fight. In the end, mothers opened the box together. The box was a surprise on its own as upon release of the ribbons a large balloon popup with a sign announcing the gender of the expected child, a girl. Good luck for them!!! Below is short sneak pick of the day.  The ceremony was at the Church of Resurrection in Swanbourne. We shoot at the Harold Boas Gardens and the UWA University.  The reception was at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. White 3 tiers wedding cake with large wedding rings decoration on the top. Perth WA Australia A wedding dress is hanging down from a hand rail in home staircase. Moody light and colourful walls create great contrast for the dress. Perth WA muddy atmosphere created by the tree and evening lights makes the wedding couple stop for a kiss. The UWA university in Perth Australia A bride portrait standing in the row of arches at the UWA university in Perth. The bride is holding flours in her hands. wedding couple is kissing under beautifully lit by the sun trees in the Harold Boas Gardens in Perth. portrait of wedding couple at a playground in the Harold Boas Gardens in Perth. The bride is sitting on a swing and the groom is standing behind her. wedding couple standing in the middle of row of arches situated in front of large pond at the UWA university in Perth. The couple is kissing while out side is raining Wedding couple are about to kiss while standing in large arched entrance at the UWA university in Perth Wedding couple walking under umbrella in the rain at the UWA in Perth Bridal party in the Harold Boas Gardens standing together chatting and laughing Bride and the back of her wedding dress. Perth WA
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