Portrait FAQ

Do you offer make-up and hair styling services?
Yes, we collaborate with both a talented make-up artist and a talented hair stylist who understand the special requirements of portrait shoots. Their involvement is entirely up to you, but if you want to get the most out of your portrait photography session, then we highly recommend you have professional make-up and hair styling.

What about my personal grooming?
If you choose to have professional make-up and hair styling, then you need to come to the session with freshly washed and dried hair, without any additional product. This will make styling easier, and your hair will look better. Don’t wear any make-up; just use your normal moisturiser before you come. Make sure that you have any waxing or hair colour done at least a day before the portrait photography session. Have a fresh manicure and pedicure, or if you wish to go for a natural look, make sure you remove all traces of the old nail polish.

What should I wear for the portrait photography session in Perth?
Don’t be afraid of colour. You need to stand out! Pick something bright and fun and it will really make your images shine. Avoid patterns, prints and loose, baggy clothing, though, as this can add size to your end results.
Choose necklines that are flattering, for example a V-neck. For plus size clients, it’s a good idea to consider long sleeves and darker coloured clothing.
Family members should wear the same or complementary colours for group shots. We will discuss your outfits with you in detail before the session.

How many outfits can I bring?
You are free to bring as many outfits as you want for your shoot, but we recommend no more than a couple in order to maximise your time, and get as many photographs as possible. Also, in the case of outdoor location shoots, keep in mind that there’s not always a changing room available! Please bring complete sets of clothes with shoes, belts, jewellery and any other accessories you need.

Should I prepare anything if I’m coming with children?
Yes, as we have to keep children as happy and comfortable as possible. Please bring with you your children’s favourite food, drinks, entertainment and toys. Additionally, remember to bring hair accessories such as clips, headbands and ties for girls.

Can we bring some props for the shoot?
Absolutely, consider something as simple as a quirky hat, or maybe something with a lot of sentimental value. It can be anything that tells the story of who you are. You’ll be amazed at how much meaning this will add to your pictures.

How much time do we need?
This is entirely up to you. We recommend at least an hour for simple portrait shoots, and a minimum of two hours for large groups. It all depends on what is required. Portrait photography sessions with multiple locations around Perth take between two and six hours to complete.

When should I get portrait of my newborn baby?
We recommend photographing newborns within two weeks of their birth.

Do we need to book a portrait session?
Yes, it is essential, especially for longer portrait photography sessions. Please contact us to start the booking process.

Do you have any limit on how many people you photograph during portrait photography sessions?
No. We do not have any limit, and we will accommodate any group size without any additional charges.