A great atmosphere at Dylan and Anne Perth Jewish wedding.

For some unexplained reason, there is some kind of different energy driving the day on Jewish weddings.  This was not different on Anne and Dylan Perth Jewish wedding.  For starters they organised a lot of thing them self (meaning, all family was involved).  It definitely helps to do that if the family owns a restaurant The Veggie Mama.  Obviously, they made their own food and we were very glad they did because the food was great, really.  Dylan’s sister made beautiful flower decorations and bouquets. They also set up tables at the reception and decorated them. During the ceremony and at the reception Anne’s brother played a violin, adding a nice touch to already great atmosphere. Add to this, Jewish tradition and the unexplained energy driving the day forms by itself.

Despite a rain during the ceremony, Anne and Dylan Perth Jewish wedding was truly memorable. Actually, the rain added the drama to the ceremony and made it more special.  Above all, the rain did not make a dent in overall experience because the rabbi was making every one laugh.

The reception is the biggest part of the wedding, especially on the Perth Jewish wedding. There was so much energy being released during the traditional dancing that it is difficult to describe it.  Just imagine people catapulted in to the air, jumping massive skipping rope, lifting the bride and the groom up on chairs, creating tunnels, dancing circles and that is just for starters.  It was a great seen to witness but it was not easy to photograph as we literally need to battle for the good shooting spot as everything was in whirlpool like motion.  Beside great importance of traditional dancing, the food definitely took the centre stage. There were many great dishes served during the reception but the biggest thing was a dedicated room for just deserts. O boy, they must have seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because they attempted to copy it. They put so many goodies in to one room that many people did not know where to start eating.

For some reason we always shoot many more images on Jewish wedding maybe because there is so many things going on or maybe because of this mysterious energy. I do not know but one thing is certain it was a great day with great people. Thank you all for the kindness and easygoing nature.

Below is short sneak pick of the day.  The ceremony was at the UWA Sanken Gardens in Crawley. We shoot at the UWA University.  The reception was at the UWA Water Sport Complex.

Jewish traditional dancing at a wedding in Perth WA.. Jewish traditional dancing at a wedding in Perth Australia.. Bride and groom holding hands forming hart at UWA Perth the bride kisses the groom in classic pose. Bride is walking to a Jewish wedding ceremony in the UWA Sunken Gardens. two rabbis are creating a tight frame with their bodies. In the centre is veiled bride. Bride is adjusting a wedding dress A bride is turning around in her wedding dress Bride looking out the window A bride is adjusting the wedding dress A bride looking out the window A portraiit of Grooms man having fun A groom portrait in black and white. The groom is looking away in to the light sorse. Head shot.
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