Iluka beach wedding – Emma and Scott

Iluka Beach Wedding - Emma and Scott A lovely Iluka Beach wedding came true for Emma and Scott. It was Emma's a little dream to get married at the beach ever since she met Scott. She did not have to think twice about what beach to choose. It was a straightforward decision as the Iluka Beach is their favourite. They picked a beautiful  November afternoon for the ceremony. Scott was well prepared on the day, besides bringing compulsory an esky, he also carried with him gardening tools to literally comb the Iluka Beach out of see weeds. Fortunately, he did not have to do it all himself.  His brothers were there to help. When Emma arrived at the Iluka Beach, everything was ready.  All eyes were on her when she was majestically coming down the stairs. The ceremony was full of emotions and tears; not because of the wind but rather because of strong feeling between these two. Ok. Maybe the wind helped it too. After the ceremony, and compulsory photos at the beach all party was eager to jump to a long luxury limousine for a 1-hour fun ride. We have driven to the Hillary boat harbour where we have taken lots of fun images with the bride, groom and the bridal party.  We have done all the package including jumping, carrying the bride above groomsman's heads, wrestling and so on... From the Hillary Bout Harbour, the limo took us to the reception held at the Currambain Bar and Bistro. Emma and Scott planned this part extensively. We even have seen them rehearsing the entry. I must say that this was the best bridal entry we have seen to date. Their effort paid off as no one was expecting such an entertaining arrival. They started the wedding reception with a bang and the great dose of positive energy which was maintained well to the end of the night. Iluka Beach wedding.  The bride and  the groom  walking at the beach. Wedding rings dr6a5782 dr6a5813 dr6a5065 dr6a5371 dr6a5481 A high ground view at the Iluka beach wedding _mg_4614 _mg_4576 _mg_4692 _mg_4856 _mg_4670 dr6a6400 Grooms man jumping at the Hillary Boaut Harbor dr6a6304 dr6a6301 A wedding reception fun. img_5836 _mg_4159  
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