Claire and Matthew’s funny farewells at the Caversham House wedding reception.

The end of a wedding reception is always full of emotions. This was one was no exception, with no shortage of humour. The groom and the father of the bride had a somewhat unconventional goodbye. It all started earlier on the day when some of the family members and us photographers were joking about what to do with their hands when standing in a group photo. I just said “squeeze.” This almost always delivers great reactions and consequently fun images. The father of the bride must have remembered my suggestion as he used the "squeeze" technique at the end of the reception, during the "goodbyes", he had a great sense of humour. It is difficult to express how unexpected and therefore hilarious it was; I had tears in my eyes from laughter. Fortunately, we were there, ready to capture this and every other memorable moments of this great wedding. This is exactly why we like to stay to the end of reception. Many couples choose to skip having the bulk of the reception covered by photographers. This is unfortunate because they are missing on so many great moments ready to be captured. Imagine, out of around 900 final selection images for the entire day, between about 400 to 500 of these images almost always come from the reception. In other words, half of the wedding images consist of the reception coverage. Anyway, enough of the obvious. Take a look below at a collection of images from Claire and Matthew's special day. Two in particular from the reception, I like to call: "Welcome to the family, Son." Funny farewells at Caversham House wedding reception. Funny farewells at Caversham House wedding reception. A bride is standing alone at the gate of Caversham House. Caversham House. Caversham House. Caversham House. Caversham House. 139 135 124 Caversham House.
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