Events FAQ

What is a portable studio and why would we need one?
The portable studio is a backdrop lit with studio lights. We can set it up on location whenever the highest quality images are required. The portable studio guarantees consistent results, and allows us to deliver beautiful images for media distribution the next day. You may want us to use the portable studio to photograph your important guests, with your banner in the background, or to photograph award ceremonies, for example.

Do you print on site
Yes we do. We have a professional photo printer we can take to any event and print images straight away.

Do we get edited event photographs?
Yes, we edit all images. Our event photography service is a complete package, and our hourly rate includes editing. The editing process includes – but is not limited to – colour correction, contrast, noise removal, and sharpening. We can also perform additional photo corrections, such as blemish removal, skin smoothing, background cut-outs or removal of background elements.

When the photos will be ready?
Once your event has finished, it can take as little as 48 hours for us to deliver a complete set of images. The exact delivery time depends on how many photos were taken at the event, how many photographers were involved, the shooting conditions, and the editing requirements. We usually deliver images between three to five business days after the event, but we are capable of delivering photographs from the event for media use the next day.

Can we get a web gallery for our event?
Yes, of course. We can set up a private gallery for any event.

How many photographers are going to cover our event?
This all depends on the type of the event, the size of the event, time constraints, and your special requirements. Just contact us and we will go over various options.

What events can you photograph?
All types! Awards nights, conferences, trade shows, hen parties, bachelor parties, weddings, receptions, exhibitions, PR and corporate events, sport events, presentations, product launches, engagements, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, all social gatherings, retirement celebrations and other private functions at all locations – Perth and Australia-wide.

Are you an event photographer in Perth WA area only or Australia-wide?
Our base is in Perth, WA, but we are happy to cover all of Australia.