Watching a film is one of the simplest pleasures in modern life. But it can be even more satisfying when we approach a movie with a critical, cinematic eye. The more we understand about the art of movie making, the deeper our connection to a film will be.

What does watch a film mean?

Whether it’s a soaring romance, a heartbreaking drama or an over-the-top satire, all หนังใหม่ have certain themes. Picking out those themes is a fundamental part of film criticism; it’s also a great way to help us figure out what we like or dislike about a particular movie. For example, a film about two nobodies who discover that a comet is headed directly towards Earth might seem like over the top nonsense, but it might also be a reminder to take a serious look at how climate change is affecting our lives.

It’s easy to spot film techniques when they are clunky or overly obvious, but they’re more difficult to notice when they’re used subtly. For example, lighting and music may be easily missed if they’re too dim or drowned out by a loud soundtrack, but it’s harder to miss their impact when they’re used to convey an emotion or to set a scene.

Similarly, we may not notice how cinematography affects our perception of a scene unless it’s a flaw (like watery cuts or poor lighting) or a strength (cinematography that uses low angles to make actors look powerful). It’s a challenge to try and see how every aspect of a film functions together; for example, how the use of color in a scene makes it more meaningful or how a particular camera angle commands attention.


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